The name gives an indication that this Lounge is not just the meeting point for football players and their families, but that many great parties have been celebrated here as well. It is often a stormy affair on the bottom level of the Atrium. Almost 900 square meters offer plenty of space for live bands, DJs, fashion shows or product presentations. With a ceiling height of up to 15 meters, there is even space to unveil and present even very large products or deliver large and elaborate presentations.

With a direct access to the stadium infield, the Players’ Lounge is the ideal location for an event that combines using the VIP area and the infield, for example, the blue running track. Not to mention it is the base of the Atrium, making it the beating heart of any party if music is played there.

The basic seating plan foresees a mix of standing and seating spaces. Of course, it can all be removed as well if you require space to create and live out ideas that require lots of space.

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