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This Lounge has seen athletes celebrating historic victories. The Olympia-Lounge offers a stylish bar and direct access to individual boxes, and thus a plethora of different usage options. There is enough room for up to 300 guests and the adjacent single and double boxes can further increase capacity, as well as offer additional space for any attractions you may have planned as part of your event.

Two doors from the Olympia-Lounge lead to the stadium viewing terrace located directly in front of the Lounge, bringing you close to the action going on out on the pitch. The terrace can be integrated into your event space or used separately from the Lounge.

The Olympia-Lounge is centrally located in the VIP areas on the south side of the stadium. The VIP-driveway South is just a few meters away and is accessible through a historic and prestigious stone staircase.

As a part of the Atrium, the Olympia-Lounge can also be integrated into a much larger event as a party zone or chill out area for hundreds of guests.

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