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The top floor of the Atrium and Entrée to the Coubertin Hall is the Coubertin-Lounge. The Lounge is meeting point for guests who want to go to the Coubertin Hall from the VIP-Foyer via the elevators or stairs. The Lounge is also an area to retreat to for those who wish to spend some time talking or discussing – away from the loud excitement out on the field.

It is very different on the other hand, when a party, an exhibition or any other event is taking place. Then you are right in the midst of everything in the Coubertin-Lounge. It is the top location to host your event, especially if you want to attract the who’s who from your branch of business or industry and make it an absolute success.

Perfectly equipped with a bar and buffet, the Coubertin-Lounge offers plenty service-options in order to ensure that up to 134 guests will feel completely taken care of. Combining the Coubertin-Lounge with the adjacent Coubertin Hall, the event capacity can be increased to cater for up to 280 guests. Directly in front of the Coubertin Hall you will find the VIP box seats with a breath-taking view of the stadium’s infield.

The basic seating plan for the Coubertin-Lounge foresees a mix of seating and standing room. Of course, conference seating or other ideas you may have can also be realized here.

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