Cooking Club

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This is the perfect place for your team-event! It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a master-chef in the kitchen – the Cooking Club is the ideal place for anyone to discover their hidden culinary talents: Four cooking stations can accommodate up to forty participants for simultaneous cooking. Mobile cooking stations are also available which allow even more participants to get some practical cooking tips and experience. Overall up to 190 guests are able to enjoy the multi-coursed meals that are created in the Cooking Club. Product presentations or tastings can be organized in the wine or coffee bar areas, as well as in the circular bar in the center of the room. The possibilities to celebrate the culinary arts are practically endless inside the 250 square meter Cooking Club.

The Cooking Club is training ground and competitive arena in one. Just as is the case out on the field, enthusiasm and commitment produce the best results. The conditions could not be better: The best kitchen equipment comes from Miele, the specialists for premium household appliances, while the elegant furniture is provided by Häcker Küchen. All of these factors will combine to make your cooking event and absolute success.

So whether you are planning a kitchen party, a cooking class, a baking event, or an event with your very own individual touch, just let us know and we will gladly assist in the planning and execution of your event. We can help with great ideas, personnel and maybe even a recipe in order to ensure that you and your guests will enjoy an experience that you will always remember.


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